Parent Series With Jackie Rhew, LCPC, CADC

  • BGHS Student Services Department Parent Series
    Supporting our Students as They Return to School This Fall

    BGHS Parents/Guardians,
    We are pleased to announce that we have worked with Jackie Rhew, LCPC to create two parent series to help you, the parent, help your student transition back to in person learning.  There are many emotions your student may be going through as they get ready to come back to school full time.  Jackie will help you with concrete strategies to support the development of resiliency and address teen anxiety and school refusal in one series.  In the second series, Jackie will lead a three-part social and emotional health series.
    Jackie Rhew, LCPC, CADC has utilized individual, family, and group therapy in hospital, educational, and private-practice settings, both in the Chicagoland area and overseas. She is the co-founder of the Center for Emotional Wellness of the Northwest Suburbs, she served as Assistant Director for seven years for the School Anxiety/School Refusal Program at AMITA Health Hospital in Hoffman Estates, a program she was instrumental in creating and developing.  She provides training locally and nationally on anxiety, school refusal, parenting, and self-injury.  She has co-authored several publications and has been featured on both ABC Channel 7 and CBS Channel 2 newscasts highlighting her work with adolescents struggling with avoidant school behaviors and bullying in schools.

    Please see the information below about both of the parent series that we are excited to offer you. We look forward to you joining us for these incredible sessions.

    Robert Hartwig
    Associate Principal

    We are offering two Parent Series:

    SERIES 1:

    Two Virtual Parent sessions focused for parents on students who have struggled to engage in school over the course of the past year.

    Supporting School Engagement will provide parents with concrete strategies for parents to support the development of resiliency and address teen anxiety and school refusal. This two-part presentation will be held via zoom on August 25th [Click for video] [Click for Slides] and September 23rd [Click for video] [Click for Slides] from 7-8 pm and will support parents in understanding different types of school avoidant and refusal behaviors, including traits and interventions, as well as types of anxiety and behavioral disorders that commonly present with School Avoidance. Intervention strategies to promote engagement, assist teens in managing their anxiety, and to promote increased motivation, healthy goal setting and active school engagement will be reviewed. Parents will also learn techniques to support parents in improving their awareness and parenting skills to foster structure and accountability for their children. 

    SERIES 2:

    This series consists of 3 Parent Virtual Sessions (8/18, 9/15 & 10/14 from 7-8 pm) Social and Emotional Health Series: Active School Engagement

    Transitioning to a New School Year: Building Resiliency in our Youth (8/18/21)
    Join Jackie Rhew, LCPC, as she focuses on ways to provide critical social and emotional help to children and teens during this time of transition to the new school year. Parents will learn key skills to help their teens manage their feelings, problem solve, and be accountable for their school engagement. She’ll cover key strategies for parents to foster engagement, ways to model healthy coping and get connected to their teen and much more. [Click for slides] [Click for video]

    Understanding & Responding to Stress & Anxiety (9/15/21)
    Join Jackie Rhew, LCPC, as she teaches parents how to recognize anxiety in their teens and how to help them build resiliency as they move forward. Anxiety is now the most common reason young people seek counseling. But what exactly is anxiety, how do you recognize it, and how can you help those who suffer with it?  Jacqueline will provide an in-depth workshop exploring ways to parent a teen struggling with Anxiety, as well as ways to differentiate between stress and anxiety, as well as when to seek professional help. [Click for slides] [Click for video]

    Parenting from a Growth Mindset (10/14/21)
    Join Jackie Rhew, LCPC, as she helps parents discover how they can help raise a resilient and successful teen or young adult by learning how to understand them better. Parents will learn how to parent using a Growth Mindset, as well as ways to help their teen step out of their comfort zone, handle disappointments, set healthy boundaries, and improve motivation. These skills will be valuable in engaging and succeeding in the school environment. This approach has also proven successful with students fearful of failure, teaching them how to embrace a ‘bounce back’ mentality. [Click for slides] [Click for video]