D214 Strategic Plan 2025

  • District 214 is partnering with DeliverEd to launch a strategic planning process that will define our long-term vision and short-term priorities for student and district success. We know all stakeholders are critical to the district’s success, and thus have designed multiple stakeholder engagement opportunities throughout to ensure the plan reflects the best thinking of district leadership and the Board of Education as well as the voice of parents, staff, students and community members. 

    As a first step in this process, the team from DeliverEd will help District 214 reflect on its capacity to improve outcomes for students through a “capacity review.” Between now and mid-June, the team will gather input from a wide range of stakeholders to understand what is currently working well, identify areas for improvement, and describe ways District 214 could expand education and accelerate achievement for all in the years to come. While this is just the first of many stakeholder engagement opportunities throughout the strategic planning process, it is a critical one to help ensure the plan is rooted in the needs, desires, and experiences of stakeholders. 

    We are engaging stakeholders during this initial capacity review in three key ways:

    1. Open survey for all stakeholders offered in 5 languages (click here)

    2. Focus groups & interviews with representative stakeholders to share more nuanced experiences and reflections. Groups include but are not limited to D214 students and families, teachers, principals, district staff, community leaders, and feeder school communities. (Interested in participating? Complete this form)

    3. Facilitated leadership reflection for the district executive team to review and reflect on district practices and outcomes to identify strengths and opportunities.

    We encourage everyone to participate in this review and provide your full and frank views that will form the basis of our new district vision and aligned 5-year strategic plan. Thank you in advance for your time and contributions!


Proposal Timeline

  • An iterative process for rigorous planning, meaningful engagement, and effective execution of the strategic plan


  • Click on the document above to download the pdf of the Strategic Planning Board presentation from our strategic plan partners, DeliverEd.