• Welcome to Township High School District 214 Summer School 


    June 10 to July 25, 2024

    Here you will find information regarding the logistics, expectations, and procedures that will guide Online Summer School. Please know it is our goal that all students to achieve and succeed in this virtual environment, and we are here to support you and them through this experience.

    We are looking forward to having your students in class virtually.  The name of the course your student is registered for can be found in the notice that directs you to this webpage.


    All online summer courses are self-paced; thus, students will have the full six weeks of summer school, until July 25th, to complete their course and all accompanying assignments.  There will be no live component to the class where students have to be online together with their teacher at a specific time or day.

    In addition, your student has been assigned to a certified teacher who will be online and available for two hours each day (schedule to be provided by the teacher) for individual conferencing and support.


    Students enrolled in online summer school courses will be monitored by certified teachers as they complete assigned coursework through Edgenuity (www.edgenuity.com), our online learning platform.  Directions for logging into Edgenuity can be found here.

    Students will receive their course access code from the instructor on or before the first day of summer school.  Students will not be able to access their online course until the first day of summer school, Monday, June 10th.


    Students can access Edgenuity from either their school issued iPad or another device.

    Incoming freshmen may pick up their iPad prior to the start of summer school.

     Students must be present at pick-up and should be prepared to stay for a 30-minute session to introduce them to their iPad and the apps they will be using.

    Please fill out this Google form to indicate which of the pick-up sessions you will attend:

    • Option 1: June 5th at 9:00 a.m., John Hersey High School, Room 124B/C
    • Option 2: June 5th at 6:00 p.m, John Hersey High School, Room 124B/C

    Incoming freshmen who do not have an iPad by the start of summer school, may come to the John Hersey High School Helpdesk on June 10th, the first day of summer school, between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to pick it up.  


    Students are expected to log in to Edgenuity and work each day. Students will be expected to check-in with their assigned teacher on a weekly basis, and coursework can be completed anywhere there is a wireless connection. 

    Due to the high demand for online summer school, students whose Edgenuity accounts are inactive for 72 hours or more may be withdrawn and need to complete their coursework at a later date and time unless they’ve made specific arrangements with their teacher. 

    More details regarding weekly check-ins will be shared by the teachers in a separate correspondence. Any concerns regarding attendance - i.e. a pre-planned vacation or illness - should be directed to your student’s teacher.

    A student may take up to TWO (2) online courses; however, they may not begin a new course until after they’ve completed their current course, and they may not begin a new course after week 4 of summer school. Students who complete a course and would like to take a second course should notify their teacher.


    For video conferencing to serve as a successful tool for weekly check-ins and student engagement, some essential rules must be followed: 

    • Use Wi-Fi. Using cellular data when videoconferencing can quickly consume large amounts of data. Unless you have an unlimited data plan, find a Wi-Fi connection. 

    • Camera on or off? Students may choose when and if they want their cameras on or off. When cameras are on, students are expected to be dressed appropriately for school and should be aware that anything in their surroundings can be seen when the video is live. 

    • All the rules apply. When students are checking in with teachers, they are in school. Behavior during Summer School on discussion boards or videoconferencing should reflect the same expectations as in the classroom. Academic dishonesty may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from summer school without a refund.  

    If you have any instructional questions regarding online summer school, please reach out directly to your students’ teachers. They will share their contact information with you in a separate email.

    If you have any programmatic questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our administrative team.

    For the quickest response, please use this contact method: summer@d214.org; 847-718-5588