• Operation Snowball (OSB) is a club and event that gives Prospect students an opportunity to make a positive impact at school. Student leaders (juniors & seniors) are selected near the end of each school year to prepare for the annual OSB one-day retreat during the spring of the following school year. Leaders train throughout the year and  meet once a week leading up to the retreat. Student leaders are responsible for leading small groups, made up of all Prospect students (9th-12th grade) during the retreat; All students are eligible to attend the retreat. The retreat is a 15-hour-long day that consists of guest speakers, small groups, large groups, community building, empathy, fun, and so much more! If you are a junior or senior interested in being a small group leader and want to gain invaluable leadership experience, consider applying to OSB (Applications for student leaders open in the spring). 

    Sponsor: Tim Franklin