Registration and Fees

  • Registration

    In addition to enrolling in the District 214 course, students must complete the registration requirements for dual credit. On the first day of class, teachers of dual credit courses will share the deadline to submit dual credit registration information. This may include a dual credit college application required by one of our partner colleges. Students needing to complete one or more of these applications will receive communication sent via email and text message from the District Office with the application information. This communication will begin in Spring of the school year prior to the dual credit enrollment year.


    For students who have been enrolled and/or are currently enrolled in college dual credit courses offered on or off campus at District 214, course fees are assessed in the student's Infinite Campus account. Students who receive a fee waiver are not responsible for paying the fee. Applications for fee waivers are available on the registration page of your home school’s website or the District website.

    The dual credit course fee includes: students’ textbooks, transportation, enrollment fees, technology fees, and course supplies. Fees can be paid online via the Infinite Campus parent portal in the fees section of the portal, or by check made payable to Township High School District 214. Please turn checks in, or mail them, to the bookkeeper at your school. 

    In addition to earning college credit, dual credit courses offer your student several benefits: a smoother transition between high school and college, first-hand exposure to college-level work, and a chance to complete their certification program or postsecondary degree faster. Financially, earning dual credit can save a student thousands of dollars on their postsecondary education. While there is a wide range of tuition costs at public institutions in the state, one three-semester-hour undergraduate course at the University of Illinois in Chicago, for example, would cost $1,398. District 214 strives for each student to have the opportunity to earn 15 semester hours of dual credit or more, saving time, money, and significantly increasing the likelihood of postsecondary degree completion. 

    Once registered for a dual credit course, students who feel they may not be successful in the course are able to drop the course without any record of it appearing on their college transcript during the partner colleges’ “Drop Period.” This period is generally days 1 through 10 of the course. Students who drop before the “Drop Period” deadline are not charged the course fee. After this deadline, partner institutions have a “Withdrawal Period” in which a student will receive a “W” on their college transcript. Following this period, a student who withdraws from the dual credit course may not earn a passing grade on their college transcript.  Students who withdraw from a course are still assessed the course fee, as they were already registered for the course at the partnering institution. 

    If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please reach out to your student's counselor to explore options available to you and your family.

    If you have questions regarding dual credit, please contact your student's counselor.