• The Department of Professional Learning is dedicated to creating a robust system of professional learning that leverages the knowledge and skills of District 214 staff as well as expert consultants in the field of education. Through various systems of support, aligned with Learning Forward’s Professional Learning Standards,* both licensed and support staff are provided opportunities to engage in meaningful learning.


  • Professional Learning Course Offerings Through U214

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

  • Professional Learning Standards


  • Matt Liberatore, Ed.D, LCPC
    Director of Professional Learning and Student Services
    matt.liberatore@d214.org  |  847-718-7731 | Fax: 847-718-7735

    Gabriella Stetz Jackson
    Assistant Director of Professional Learning
    gabriella.stetz@d214.org  |  847-718-7454

    Franca Cirrincione
    Professional Learning Program Assistant
    franca.cirrincione@d214.org  |  847-718-7732  |  Fax: 847-718-7735

    Felicia Walter
    Professional Learning Program Assistant
    felicia.walter@d214.org  |  847-718-7734 | Fax: 847-718-7735

    Lori Abbott, NBCT
    Professional Learning Specialist/CTEP Coordinator
    lori.abbott@d214.org  |  847-718-7739