Work Permit Information

We are happy to help your 14 or 15 year old student obtain an Illinois Department of Labor Employment Certificate (work permit).  In order to facilitate the process, please complete the Application for Work Permit and read the Minor Work Permit Information below. The application must be completed in full, all State of Illinois required documentation must be provided, and the parent/guardian AND minor must BOTH be present to apply for a work permit. There are strict laws that govern minor work permits (including the requirement that both the parties be present when filing the application), and we are not able to make any exceptions to the Illinois State Child Labor Law requirements.

Please note that we cannot issue a work permit for a minor to work in any establishment that serves or sells alcoholic beverages - even if the student will not be directly serving alcohol or working near it (this includes cashiers and order-takers for carry out at restaurants that have a dining room and serve alcohol). Please see the State of Illinois Child Labor Law 820 ILCS 205/7.13 for details.

MINOR_WORK_PERMIT_INFORMATION.pdf, 116.61 KB; (Last Modified on January 26, 2021)