Parking Pass Information

  • Who Is Eligible: 

    Anyone 16 and older with valid drivers license, vehicle registration, insurance, and car!

    What To Do: 

    You can start by filling out the google form.

    Once the form is filled out that will put you in the queue, once we see the demand of passes we reserve the right to go to a lottery system first starting with seniors, then juniors, and finally sophomores. (IF NEEDED)

    Where To Go:

    Once the Google Form has been completed and all forms uploaded you can come down to the attendance office (which is located off of the main foyer) to get your parking pass.

    A 2nd semester pass will cost $95.

    Please note:

    You need to have your pass hanging on your vehicle starting Monday, January 10, 2022.

    Also, you have the entire first week of 2nd semester to get this pass, so do not stress as you are allowed to park free of charge through Friday, January 7, 2022.


    Any questions or concerns, please call the attendance office.

    English: 847.718.4001

    Spanish: 847.718.4004