• Prospect High School offers a comprehensive physical education experience designed to teach your student the skills necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle during and after high school.

    When your student enters the program as a freshman, they are exposed to all of the opportunities that will be offered throughout the next three years and learn the importance of heart rate data. Students will use Polar heart rate monitors as a tool for their fitness goals and be exposed to a curriculum that introduces them to the health related fitness components and how they apply to their daily lives.

    As sophomores, students will spend one semester in a traditional or blended health education course and one semester in a PE class of their choosing that best meets their fitness goals. Sophomores also have an opportunity to enroll in a year-long drivers education program where they will receive extensive training behind the wheel as well as a classroom experience that incorporates cross-curricular instructional methods.

    Juniors and Seniors have the option to choose from one of the many electives that will challenge their physical fitness and enable them to explore wellness concepts and the latest research in the industry. Offerings include:

    • Physical Education

    • Lifestyles

    • Dance 1/2

    • Orchesis

    • Beginning Weights

    • Advanced Weights*

    • Personal Training*

    *Seniors who participate in our Advanced Weights class have the opportunity to obtain “dual credit” with Eastern Illinois University. 2 hours of Kinesiology credit can be earned and may be transferred to other universities.

    * Students enrolled in the ACE Personal Training course will be awarded the opportunity to engage in an authentic learning experience that leads to potential careers in a health and wellness industry, specifically a fitness specialist certified through the ACE Personal Training certification exam. 


    Seth Hettel

    Division Head CTE/PE/DE/Art

    Nikki Stavropoulos

    Division Assistant

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