• March 1-31, 2023


    Disability Horizons is an online lifestyle magazine that offers this list of recommended podcasts to center centers on disabilities.

    Video Short
    Have you ever wondered what disability has to do with social justice? Take 5 minutes to watch this piece that highlights some key points in the discussion of social justice and disability.

    Feature-length Films
    Watching a film about people with disabilities is a powerful way to visualize the nuances of navigating life with a disability. Here is a selection of films to consider.

    People-first language is important when addressing one’s identity. Have you given much thought to the words we use when referring to people with disabilities? These tips are really important.

    For those who appreciate a novel that celebrates disability pride, here is the first place to look!

    ABA Model
    One way to engage daily to learn more about disabilities would be to utilize this resource developed by the American Bar Association.