Community Service During COVID-19

  • Successfully Track Hours:

    1. Go to (Login Required)
    2. Search and Select your High School
    3. Click “Sign in with Google” button
    4. Use your D214 Gapps credentials
    5. Log your hours in Transeo

    Here are some ideas. Remember Rule #1: Stay Healthy!

    1. Tutor a fellow student on Zoom
    2. Use social media to promote your school/ensure students are taking care of themselves. Spread Kindness & Inspirational Messages – Share uplifting stories or positive affirmations on social media or directly with your family and friends.
    3. Contact your local church to see if they need helpers to call Senior Citizens
    4. Write old-fashioned encouraging notes or letters to friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Email your teachers/counselors to thank them for the job that they are doing. Find old teachers and email them your gratitude!
    5. Ask a teacher if they need help with something for class.
    6. Make homemade bookmarks with positive phrases that you can later donate to the school library.
    7. Sort through your clothes and toys and make a box of unwanted items to donate. Clean out your bookshelf of older, lightly used DVDs and books and donate them.
    8. Make pet toys to donate to shelters – Did you know you can make dog toys with household items? Here’s an idea to get you started:
    9. Educate and bring awareness through social media, YouTube, etc. Here are some ideas to get you started, but the important part – find something you’re passionate about!
      • Bring awareness to endangered animals, especially ones that don’t widely get attention
      • Bring awareness to cyber bullying, then research and share how to effectively report/address it, how to avoid doing it, etc.
    10. Read children’s books and post on YouTube for elementary students to watch. (Disclaimer: check the publisher's website to verify what is allowed to do, read, or show before posting any videos)