• WIDA Screener
    Students enrolling in the district are assessed with the WIDA Screener to help identify whether a student is a candidate for EL services. A student that achieves a 5.0 or above in the oral language composite (speaking and listening) AND 4.2 literacy composite (reading and writing) is considered English proficient.

    ACCESS for ELLs
    EL students are assessed each year to determine their progress toward English language proficiency with the ACCESS for ELLs Online. This computer-based, adaptive test measures a student's proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. ACCESS is a required assessment in the state of Illinois for all students eligible for EL services and is administered in January and February.

    Exit Criteria
    Parents will receive the results of the assessment along with information stating whether the student continues to be eligible for English language services. Students who achieve an overall composite score of at least 4.8 will exit the EL program. After exiting, the EL Coordinator will continue to consult with classroom teachers and monitor the student's progress for a period of two years.

    Refusal of Services
    At any time, a parent may decline EL services. Parents must submit this request in writing to the EL Coordinator. Per the Illinois State Board of Education, students who are eligible for service, but whose parents refuse, must continue to take ACCESS annually until they earn a 4.8 overall composite score.