Phase 1

  • Phase 1 is structured around a thorough capacity review that engages stakeholders

  • We start by reviewing documents and data, facilitating focus groups and interviews, and surveying internal and external stakeholders.

    Documents and Data

    • Historical and disaggregated achievement data
    • Key data including: student attendance and behavior, staffing hiring/retention rates
    • Organizational chart(s) and roles
    • Graduate profiles
    • Equity plans
    • Any previous strategic plan(s)

    Focus Groups /Interviews

    • Board members
    • Superintendent
    • Cabinet
    • District leaders and managers
    • School Administrators
    • Teachers
    • Support staff
    • Community leaders
    • Students
    • Families/Caregivers

    Survey Respondents

    • Students
    • Staff
    • Teachers
    • Family
    • Community and non-school staff

    We recognize the importance of an inclusive, representative process to build community support

    More “out-of-the-box” approaches:

    • Shadowing students
    • Targeted empathy interviews (for students and families)
    • Place-based survey distribution
    • Town Halls (can be in person or virtual for maximum participation)
    • ThoughtExchange or Padlet

    To ensure an inclusive process, we recommend tagging on to existing stakeholder events:

    • Joining staff meetings to gather staff input
    • Utilizing student “advisory” periods for student activities
    • Having a QR code to complete the survey at events where families are present (e.g., sporting events)
    • Incentives are also great!

    Note that all of these can be conducted virtually in addition to in-person and conducted in multiple languages to allow for greater participation.

  • Click on the document above to download the pdf of the Strategic Planning Board presentation from our strategic plan partners, DeliverEd.