• A Program For Teen Parents

    The Teen Parenting Program at District 214 provides the student with facts, information, and resources concerning pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenting.  A teenage pregnancy can be difficult and District 214 understands the seriousness and sensitivity of the situation.  There is a team in place to support pregnant teens:  school nurse, counselor, social worker, psychologist, and teen parenting coordinator. 

    District 214 teens who are pregnant or have delivered and are parenting their baby, may be eligible to attend Vanguard School and participate in Prenatal and Parenting Classes along with continuing the student’s high school curriculum.  Additional requirements for admission are evaluated individually. 

    Prenatal Class

    The prenatal class is designed to provide the pregnant teens with facts and information regarding a healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum experience.  

    Parenting Class

    Teens who are pregnant, or have delivered and are parenting their baby, are invited to attend this class. Topics for this class include goal setting, consumer education, relationship building, communication and decision making, continued education, and parenting awareness.  Additional items addressed include raising healthy children, childhood education and discipline. 

    One of the goals is to encourage completion of high school and provide resources toward a post high school career. The prenatal and parenting classes provide social-emotional groups, parenting workshops and individual counseling. Teen fathers are encouraged to participate in the program.  

    District 214 students that choose to remain in their home school are encouraged to attend a social-emotional/parenting support group which meets for one period each week at the home schools within the district.

    In addition, each month, an all-day prenatal and parenting workshop is offered for students in the district. Topics covered in these workshops include prenatal and parenting information along with an opportunity for students to build a supportive peer community amongst themselves. Child socialization groups have also been incorporated. These groups meet monthly at Vanguard usually from 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.  A variety of activities, speakers, and games are presented at these meetings.

    How to Enroll

    Registered district students are referred by the school nurse after receiving confirmation and documentation of the pregnancy in writing by the doctor.  The Teen Parenting Coordinator will do an on-site assessment to determine the needs of each individual student.  Every effort will be made to provide an assessment within one week of the request.

    The Teen Parenting Coordinator welcomes the student’s parent or guardian involvement. Please email the coordinator at teen.parenting@d214.org to set up an appointment to discuss any concerns.