• Career Exploration

    Step 1: Identify Interests
    What are Career Clusters?
    Career Clusters are groups of occupations that have in common a set of foundational knowledge and skills. There are 16 nationally recognized clusters that contain multiple Career Pathways. A Career Pathway represents a grouping of occupations within a cluster that share a base level of common knowledge and skill.

    Why are Career Clusters important?
    Career Clusters create clear educational pathways from secondary to post-secondary education to the workplace. They comprise a key element in enhancing economic development by connecting schools with business and industry. Career Clusters help students design individual plans of study, and provide information and experiences so students can make informed educational choices.

    Step 2: Explore Careers Using Career Cruising

    LEARN about yourself and careers that match your interests. SEARCH for careers and find out what they are really like.


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