Boys Water Polo

  • The boys’ team has a rich history, and in recent years we have seen tremendous growth in the Hersey Water Polo program (boys and girls), and look forward to adding to the program’s history. The boys’ water polo team has won the MSL-East 3 times in its history - 2012, 2013, and 2019. We plan on repeating last season’s success while building a strong foundation for future seasons to come. 

    Goals/Mission Statement 

    1. Provide a positive, competitive environment that encourages the development of the athlete and the team. 
    2. Providing a foundation for academic and athletic success. 
      • The mental aspect of being a student and an athlete. Can’t compete if your grades suck. 
      • Promotes future scholarships (academic/athletic) 
      • Checking GPA, quick conversations/fixes, study plans, study group
    3. Establishing the core values of becoming a modern young-adult.

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