Academic Delivery Formats

  • Academic (Credit Recovery and Get Ahead) courses are offered in one of two delivery formats, in-person and online. District 214 reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. If the canceled class is an in-person class and the online version has seats available, the students in the canceled course will be given the option to take the online version.


    Courses offered in this format are taught and assessed by certified content-specific teachers who utilize a combination of small and whole group instruction that is delivered through a variety of instructional methods. 

    Students are expected to use their District-issued iPads for work both in and outside of the classroom.  They will have a 15-minute break each day.

    Students taking in-person academic coursework will complete a semester's work in one session: three weeks, or 12 days. 

    Please note: although most courses are completed in a single session, some are year-long experiences and run for six weeks, which is indicated in their course description.


    Courses offered in this format are asynchronous and self-paced. Students will be monitored by certified teachers as they complete assigned coursework in Edgenuity, the District’s online learning platform. There will be no live component to the class, and students are not expected to be online at a specific time or day. Rather, they will have the opportunity to access individual conferencing and support during their teachers’ daily designated office hours.

    Students are expected to access Edgenuity using their District-issued iPad.

    Students are expected to log in to Edgenuity and work each day. Students will be expected to check in with their assigned teacher on a weekly basis, and coursework can be completed anywhere there is internet access.

    Due to the high demand for online summer school, students whose Edgenuity accounts are inactive for 72 hours or more will be withdrawn from the class, and will need to complete their coursework at a later date and time.

    Students taking online summer school coursework will have the full six weeks of Summer Experience (June 10-July 25) to complete their course and all accompanying assignments. A student may take up to TWO (2) online courses; however, they may not begin a new course until they’ve completed their current course, and they may not begin a new course after week 4 of summer school.